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Life’s too short to feel Crappy. That’s why a few nerds got together to create a line of relief products for a variety of on-the-go lifestyle ailments.

Our products are formulated with CBD, CBG, CBN, and terpene blends with one goal: to make you Feel Better.

“Big whoop! There’s a bunch of you CBD people out there!”, ya say? Well, you’re right. But Crappy’s was founded by a bunch of chemists where everything is based on nerd-like principles like, ya know, real science.

Remember, nerds always do their homework, and these products are nothing less than the biggest study session in hemp science. It’s the science that is and has always been, there to help us out when we go a little too hard…and for the times when we wish we could go a little harder.

We bring the Feel Goods – effective, on-the-go, just-the-right-dose hemp products that are made to do just what you need them to, so you can get back to doing you.