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Long before the housing market crashed, Dave Daily left his career in the home loan industry to pursue a more ethical and creative line of work. He had always been fascinated by design and wanted to create a product that could become a household name. He needed something straightforward, original, and affordable, preferably in a market that had yet to be monopolized. Inspired by Austin’s progressive environment, he invented the Gravitron – the first gravity smoking system made entirely of glass.

Dave spent the better part of 2004 cutting glass, assembling Gravitrons, and selling them to local head shops. As he became more confident working with glass and more familiar with the American pipe industry, Dave began to hire glass artists and head shop veterans to assist him. They named their fledgling company Grav Labs.

It was difficult to make the business profitable off the back of only one product, so Dave was eager to diversify the Grav Labs catalog. First came the taster, fun and simple chillum that was inexpensive to make and could sell in any shop. Next was a line of simple tubes, adding more glassworkers and full-sized lathes to our hot shop. But it was only with the creation of the Helix hand pipe that GRAV’s branding and aesthetic came into focus. Dave redefined his vision for the business and began to position GRAV as a comprehensive scientific glass company for a more modern and inclusive audience.

GRAV has since become a mainstay in the pipe industry and a champion for legitimizing and servicing the global community of smokers. Our iconic brands and prolific designs appeal to consumers of every age, sex, budget, and walk of life. We have built partnerships with artists and companies all over the world, and we work each day to make our field more professional and imaginative. Dave’s dream of creating a household name is within reach, and we are dedicated to crafting the perfect piece for every member of the GRAV family.