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Giraffe Nuts

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Giraffe Nuts Hemp Infused Caramels WILL BE the single most delicious artisanal caramels you have ever eaten. With all natural, Non GMO, Kosher and Gluten Free ingredients


  • Atlantic Sea Salt 15mg
  • Atlantic Sea Salt 30mg
  • Caffeine Atlantic Sea Salt 15mg
  • Creamy Vanilla 15mg
  • Creamy Vanilla 30mg
  • Melatonin Atlantic Sea Salt
  • Mint Chocolate 15mg
  • Mint Chocolate 30mg
  • Smooth Chocolate 15mg
  • Smooth Chocolate 30mg
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Giraffe Nuts

The true health and wellness benefits of hemp extract are only now being realized! Research has  shown that our bodies are truly built to accept the amazing phytonutrients and heart-protectant fatty acids contained within pure hemp. It’s a superfood that when taken regularly, provides a broad host of amazing physiological benefits. Our hemp extract has unparalleled bioavailability for maximum effect. Ranging from from 15mg to 30mg  in Giraffe Nut Caramel Chews and 600mg(per jar) of Caramel Drizzel you’re bound to find a something for your needs.

  • Sourced with Colorado Hemp
  • USA Made
  • Third-party tested for: NO THC. NO CHEMICALS. NO PESTICIDES.
  • All Natural, Kosher, No GMO

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Atlantic Sea Salt 15mg, Atlantic Sea Salt 30mg, Caffeine Atlantic Sea Salt 15mg, Creamy Vanilla 15mg, Creamy Vanilla 30mg, Melatonin Atlantic Sea Salt, Mint Chocolate 15mg, Mint Chocolate 30mg, Smooth Chocolate 15mg, Smooth Chocolate 30mg, Drizzle Caramel Atlantic Sea Salt, Drizzle Caramel Vanilla