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Treatibles Soft Chews 7mg

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Extra Strength Soft Chewables (with Salmon Oil) – 7 mg CBD for Dogs

Full Size 5.3 oz, 420 mg CBD per canister (approx. 60 ct)

Extra Strength Soft Chewables are ideal for senior dogs and dogs that enjoy a softer consistency who are anxious, experiencing discomfort and/or require more hemp derived CBD per administration.
In addition to having a salmon flavor that dogs love, these heart shaped Soft Chewables are an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. They are also resistant to crumbling, can be served whole or easily divided.


1 chewable per every 30 lbs of your dog’s weight give every 4-8 hours, as needed.
Based on your dog’s needs, you may increase to a maximum of 5 chewables per 30 lbs of your dog’s weight

Example: A 30 lb dog receives one chewable, a 60 lb dog receives 2 chewables

Additional Information:

+ For pets needing extra support, administration can be increased
+ Treatibles are free of heavy metals, pesticides and biocontaminants
+ Pet parents should observe their pet before and after administration of Treatibles to determine optimal response. You know your pet better than anyone else



In stock

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Treatibles Soft Chewables are wonderful for senior dogs and cats as well as pets who prefer a softer consistency. They are ideal for helping instill relaxation, enhancing the function of joints, supporting the digestive tract and immune system, promoting the body’s normal inflammatory response, and more.

Flavors: Salmon


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